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[October 4th, 2006
@ 4:09pm]
Ok, this is pissing me off severely.


I have NO idea what that is. Jillian says the entry doesn't exist. I don't know if I believe her or not, because there is NO RATIONAL REASON for it to be on MY COMPUTER.

The best part is that everytime I clear my history of EVERYTHING, it is STILL there. WHY!? It should be gone like everything else, but it refuses! It's like that persistant little cockroach. WHY WON'T IT LEAVE ME ALONE OR WHY WON'T IT TELL ME WHAT IT FUCKING IS!?!

I swear to God, driving me insane...
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[August 10th, 2006
@ 6:30pm]
Changed my mind. Too many posts to transfer, so I just reread them all...

My writing style totally changed when I broke up with Jillian... weird.
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[August 10th, 2006
@ 4:50pm]
I've decided that having a livejournal at this point in time is kinda pointless.
So, I'm saving everything to harddrive, and then deleting it.
I think that makes the most sense. There's really no one left here who really matters to me, nor is there anyone really here save, like, one or two people who care to see what I write.

So, locking it down, saving to file. Have a nice life everyone.
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[August 7th, 2006
@ 10:03pm]
I met some really cool people. We divided into our groups (number 43 yo!), and I hung out with a guy named Andrew Kovaks. He's in my HPS class MW at 3... with Snow, who apparently gives extra credit if you donate blood. We had some cool, like, freshmen seminars. At the night stuff, I met a guy named Paul Foster, who apparently went to GHP with Kento.
I had dinner with a guy named John Tucker... he was pretty cool.
Before the comedy thing, I sat in the hallways talking to Andrew, and three guys from Pope: Daniel, Sam, and Adam. Then another guy named Adam came and hung out, and then Alex did (Alex is in my dorm, cool kid), then a guy named Ismael (who's also in my dorm). So, we had, like, our own posse. Then we watched the skit stuff, then went into groups. I got with Paul and Alex, and we had to do an impromptu presentation on the stereotypes of being atheist.
Then we got our registration assignments, and then we had a get-to-gether party thing. I went with Andrew (who's in Folk, close by) and his friend Tim (who's in my calc 2 class) back to our dorm to drop stuff off. Greg, my roommate, was already there trying to sleep, so I was quick. I met up with a couple 3rd year guys, and they showed me their dorm and how they'd arranged it.
Then, we went to the party. I didn't do much: fixed up my Buzzcard, then played Trivial pursuit with three students from Wheeler High School: Bharat, who's in my dorm, a really smart guy named Sheevem, and a chick named Kristy. A guy named George was there. Basically, red team (me, Kristy, and George) got our asses kicked by Bharat and Sheevem.
Afterwards, I walked back to my dorm with some guys from Brookwood, Kyle and Tod. We talked about, ironically, debate, cause they both knew Cameron and Marie, and Kyle was, like, best friends with the state policy champs.
Got back to the dorm, and it was freezing. Greg was up, and was pissed about it being freezing. And the guys in the room next to us were completely blaring out Mario Kart 64. But it was cool... fell asleep around 3...
Got up at 6. First one in the dorm up: Showered, went outside and did some surveys. They were on culture, and I wanted to shoot myself:
"Would the world be better off if all other cultures were like American Culture?" I was like... no... strongly disagree...

"Write an essay about a recent problem you've had involving culture" The latter was quite humorous. I was at breakfast with Adam, a Che named Sam, and a guy named Daniel. Daniel was filing his out.... Sam told him to put down erectile dysfunction. So he did. Official 7 dollar survey shot to hell.

Then, we divided into our different groups. I, of course, am a Che, Chemical Engineer. Other than Sam, I hadn't met anyone else. Anyways, we went through a small orientation thing. It actually kept me awake. Afterwards, we waited for our parents to get done with some orientation thing, so I chatted with a girl named Stephanie. She was from Macon, some place I hadn't heard of, but she claimed had a good debate team... I was skeptical. You ever heard of the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Where one person can be tied to another in 6 people or less?
Well, Stephanie and I were talking, my parents come out, and my mom is wearing a USTA shirt, and Stephanie points that out, because she plays tennis. Apparently, Stephanie and my mom have had the same coach, and they know, like, the same 20 people.
After that, it was basically just waiting for registration. I hooked up with Andrew again, and he recommended some classes for me to take. I went, and registered. Then, we went to a huge ass Barnes and Noble that they had there, where I ran into Alex. I bought some books, drove home.

"w00t we're going to GA TECH" moving in party! w000t! FIREWORKS AT THREE IN THE MORNING!
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[August 3rd, 2006
@ 10:22pm]
Fucking A!
So, America's Got Talent results tonight SUCKED. David and Dania Quickchange? SECOND. Who beat them? FUCKING CELTIC SPRING! LAME SHIT

And the Wild Card Show?
Acts are:
All That: Clogging Group. They rock out.
Nathan Burton: Magician. He rocks out hard.
David and Dania Quickchange. Also rock out.
Natasha Le: Pianist. Very... meh...

Corinna: Harp player? WTF...
Leonid the Magnificint: Who the fuck voted to bring him back...
N'Versity: WTF? WTF!!!! They WERE BAD.

Kinda pisses me off. The other 3 spots BETTER go to some good ones.
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[July 27th, 2006
@ 12:53am]
The chuckle fairy has come to visit:

No1son64 (10:46:50 PM): Ok, I 'm totally confused
No1son64 (10:47:10 PM): Jon said you'd seen Battle Royale, and that Mitsuko Souma reminded you of Tonks. How so?
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:47:10 PM): ?
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:47:36 PM): it just does
No1son64 (10:47:57 PM): In what way?
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:48:06 PM): shre just does
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:48:11 PM): i can't explain it
No1son64 (10:48:13 PM): Like, the fact that they're both pacifists?
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:48:23 PM): no, not so much
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:48:27 PM): it's weird
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:48:32 PM): just drop it
No1son64 (10:48:34 PM): That their hair is crazy colors?
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:48:44 PM): that too
No1son64 (10:48:53 PM): ...
No1son64 (10:48:57 PM): Yeah, I side with Jon
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:49:00 PM): ?
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:49:58 PM): did you go to jon's house and get one of the cookies?
No1son64 (10:50:07 PM): No
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:50:39 PM): lame
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:51:54 PM): you should come buy cookies from me at work tomorrow
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:52:07 PM): they're only $1.15
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:52:18 PM): and you get a special discount
No1son64 (10:53:04 PM): I don't know where you work
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:53:52 PM): grrrurrr
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:53:54 PM): ok
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:53:55 PM): so
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:54:01 PM): you get into the little green car
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:54:38 PM): and you turn left out of your driveway
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:54:51 PM): then turn left onto braelinn road out of your neighborhood
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:55:03 PM): then you turn left onto Peachtree Pkwy
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:55:11 PM): and stay on peachtree parkway
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:55:25 PM): until it intersects with Hwy. 74
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:55:33 PM): that means you take the parkway all the way to the end
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:55:37 PM): past outback and stuff
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:55:43 PM): then you turn right onto 74
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:56:00 PM): and you drive for about a minute
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:56:07 PM): then you see a traffic light
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:56:20 PM): it's the first traffic light after you've turned onto the Hwy.
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:56:33 PM): get in the left turn lane and go onto Dogwood Trail
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:56:46 PM): almost immediately you'll see a shopping center
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:56:57 PM): that has Peachtree National Bank in it
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:11 PM): Cookies By Design is in that buidling
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:17 PM): on the opposite end of the Bank
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:23 PM): and the sign is pink
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:24 PM): and says
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:29 PM): cookies by design
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:40 PM): and i work between 2 and 6:00
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:43 PM): we close at 6
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:46 PM): you should come by
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:57:50 PM): and bring the whole crew
No1son64 (10:58:37 PM): Um.
No1son64 (10:58:38 PM): Maybe
LawSkewlBarbie1 (10:59:57 PM): most def
LawSkewlBarbie1 (11:00:00 PM): the cookies are delish
LawSkewlBarbie1 is away at 11:24:32 PM.
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[July 24th, 2006
@ 1:33am]
I can't wait to leave this fucking city behind.

I can't wait to just chill out in college on weekends, and to just party my fucking ass off.
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[July 21st, 2006
@ 3:39am]
Put yourself out on the line.

Just to be shot down.

At least I tried, right?
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[July 11th, 2006
@ 10:45pm]
Dear Jillian:

Not much happened. The following are some interesting points:

-Everyone is leaning towards getting rid of Allison, especially Erika. However, Marcellus was pushing for Danielle, but will probably go with Allison because she is a physical threat.

-New Power of Veto rules: 6 participants: The HoHs, the candidates, and two RANDOM houseguests selected by a spinning wheel.

-Janelle, Jase, Allison, Danielle, Chicken George, and Kaysar competed in a challenge, where they had to sift through trash to find veto symbols. Janelle won.

-James suggested vetoing Danielle and backdooring Will.

-Howie is stalking Will (?). Will is looking for a potential alliance.

-Will is spreading a mixture of true shit and false shit... so, they think it might be all true... he's playing the game well.

-Janelle doesn't use PoV. Allison and Danielle are up for first eviction.
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[July 11th, 2006
@ 10:37pm]

I had Grand Theft Auto over Warcraft, but Warcraft is winning!?!

Not as serious as Halo's loss though... cause I had GTA out in Octos...

OH GOD! What if Warcraft beat Super Mario Bros in Quarters !?!? It could sweep to freaking Semis?! No... Super Smash Bros will take it in Quarters... crazy shit.
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[July 11th, 2006
@ 10:15pm]
Single again.
Little G and I are 3-2 today, as of now.

That's about the significant stuff today.
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[July 8th, 2006
@ 12:45pm]
And Halo is losing to Castlevania.
This burns the rest of my bracket. I had Halo in semis. Damn...
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[July 8th, 2006
@ 2:26am]
I love these posting sprees.
I should be in bed. I said I was. Changed my mind.
First: SONG LYRICS! I love how I randomly decided that this song totally describes me right now.
Champagne by 311:

I will never understand you
when will I stop trying
I mean, cuz it's just not how I planned to
spend my time til' dying

I mean, champagne
California on the brain
she's got an appetite for no refrains
just verses, she curses as blood vessels burst in defiance
she made an alliance to the dark side of Hollywood
where everything looks good
so I treat her right as any other player would
tightly, then she wants to fight me
too bad, that's just too bad
I can't be around to pick up your bags and your debts
she wants to love me with threats
not taking chances, I'm hedging my bets
with other girls I'm not providing pearls
I'm free, free

I will never understand you
when will I stop trying
I mean, cuz it's just not how I planned to
spend my time til' dying
I mean

I know loving me isn't easy
I'm home and next thing I'm leaving
but when I look at you it's like praying with my eyes
I follow you to sleep so I will find
your dream place and hey, I'm not an angel
but girl you make me feel like I know one, one

California on the brain
she's got an appetite for no refrains
just verses, she curses as blood vessels burst in defiance
she made an alliance to the dark side of Hollywood
where everything looks so good
so I treat her right as any other sucker would
tightly, then she wants to fight me
too bad, that's just too bad
I can't be around to pick up your bags and your debts
she wants to love me with threats
not taking chances, I'm hedging with my bets
with other girls I'm not providing pearls
I'm free, free
never understand

I'm 6/6 on gamefaqs right now. Of the 46198, only 12675, or 27.4%, have perfect brackets. So, I'm up there.
UNFORTUNATELY: Todays match is the single most contested of the tournament: Castlevania (3rd Seed) v. Halo (6th Seed). Presently , it is an 8% split (54/46) in favor of Castlevania... unfortunately, I picked Halo... so goodbye perfect bracket.

I just decided I'm really bored and don't want to sleep, but there's nothing to do. So, I'm sleeping out of boredom. Whee. And I'm seeing Pirates of the Carribean tomorrow.
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[July 8th, 2006
@ 2:19am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I cried the other night.
I can't even say why.
Fluorescent flat caffeine lights.
It's furious balancing.

No use crying over spilled milk.

If Jesus drove a car, I'm sure he would use his turn signals.

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[July 1st, 2006
@ 9:37pm]
It seems to be the new trend to just come and go from my house at will.

People suck.
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[June 23rd, 2006
@ 11:41pm]
It's lovely how the last tournament ever puts things in perspective.

I've decided I don't like Adam, Kelly, or Winston, but in fairness, I never really liked Winston. I think Adam is a horrible excuse for a human being. I just dislike Kelly. And Jillian and Waples. Terance to an extent.
Basically, everyone.

Except Meg and Josh.

It's funny how two people who were, in a way, isolated because of their relationship with Bennett turn out to be the most respectable and upstanding people here.

Really, I hate everyone somewhat except Meg and Josh.
Terance to a minor extent.
Rachel to a minor extent.
Ash and Zheng to a minor extent.

Actually, Zheng stuck out extemp with me.
And Terance gave me a spot.

Ok, really, I just hate Waples, Jillian, Kelly, Adam, and Winston.
Thank god I never have to see Waples, Jillian and Kelly again. Hopefully I can just avoid Winston and Adam in college.

I was 1 point from breaking in Congress, and I was one above base. If I hadn't given that speech that offended my judge, I'd have made semis.
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[June 21st, 2006
@ 6:02am]
I didn't break. Meh.
Those in my house who did:
Jon Carpenter, as I predicted.
Jessica Cooper, also as I predicted
Liz Esfeld, also predicted
Chris Kolkey, kinda surprising, not really
Sarah Durica and Mikenna Maroney, and I was like, WTF?

But meh. Liz took pictures, she's e-mailing them to me, so I can post them soon
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[June 19th, 2006
@ 11:11pm]
I hate everyone here at nats right now.
I see no reason to debate after high school.
So, really, this is my last tournament.
I'm not debating in college.
I'm not coming back to judge.
Fuck everyone here.
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[June 19th, 2006
@ 9:41pm]
First day of Student Congress:

We started with committees. I ended up in Foreign Policy with Chelsea Moore (Colorado), Michael McKenery (California?), Liz Esfeld (Kansas), Mikenna Maroney (MONTANA! STUPID BILLS! WANT TO KILL!), and Rahul Guha (Ohio). T'was fun.

Our first PO sucked.
Second PO is a guy named Colton Shone (Arizona), hopefully he'll be better.

I'm above base. By 2. So... a little fucked right now, I need to cool down. But, I have no precedence right now, so that's fine. I gave good speeches, or at least that's what a judge said.

My committee recommendation was killed by Sarah Durica of somewhere (I want to say somewhere in Texas?).

My main competition:
John Carpenter, who's just a really good speaker.
Jessica Cooper, the girl who sits to my left. She made semis last year, is the best speaker in the house, and is an extemper, from California.
Liz Esfeld (Kansas), who's also a really good speaker.
Matthew Anderson, who is good at speaking, but his second speech was a little sloppy...

Brogan Fullmer (Utah): Guy to my right, cool guy, funny speeches.
Kolkey and Gambino: Also giving a lot of speeches, on par with me?
Rahul Guha: Speeches are decent, knows his stuff, but annoying as hell.

Cool people (who don't do much):
Tyler Linn: Girl in front of me. Good conversationalist, spent the time after adjournment til Brack and Bennett showed up with her and Will Fay.
Justing Routt: PFer from Ransom Everglades, funny guy.
Michael McKenery: I think he's gay... or at least very flamboyant, but he's funny nonetheless.
Wike: Also a funny guy. Said the Founding Fathers are old and shouldn't be listened to >.<
Colton Shone: Guy behind me. Shares my first name >.>, so it's like, "Representative Shone" and I don't know what to do >.<
Chelsea Moore: Kinda annoyingish, but she's ok.
Gabe Ramirez: First guy I talked to, from Houston, so he's close. Cool guy.
Mikenna Maroney: Montana chick. She's ok.

That's... a lot of people...
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[June 16th, 2006
@ 1:54pm]
I just had a quarter of an orgasm.
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